Friday, June 15, 2012

The Grand Tour

The happiest campsite tag ever.
This year marked the beginning of something new: Matt's seniority was high enough that he was able to take one of his weeks of vacation during the summer. Granted, it was the first week of summer, right after the kids got off school -- not around the Fourth of July, or sometime in August. But as it turns out, early June is a great time to go on vacation, especially when that vacation involves a lot of camping around Minnesota.

Matt has been planning a trip around Minnesota for years (he has a lot of time to think on the train). After our hugely successful trip around Lake Superior several years ago, it was time to focus on our home state and learn as much as we could about it. We took the trip around Lake Superior in a Ford Taurus, packing the kids in like luggage and balancing bags on their laps. This time, we had a minivan, which makes a huge difference for everybody -- no knees were jammed in my back the entire trip.

The week-long whirlwind tour covers almost all the areas of the state, except the ones we know already -- the Cities, parts of central Minnesota, the North Shore. All camping was done at state parks -- some well known, some not so much. Matt drew up a to-the-hour schedule to make sure we saw what we wanted to see, and yet we had enough flexibility to toss the schedule if we felt like it (and a couple times, we did).

I'll start the day-by-day write up next Monday. In the meantime, thanks for checking this blog for the past TWO YEARS even though there was nothing new on it.

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