Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rawr Means I Love You In Ice Montster Language

I keep telling myself that someday, some sunny winter day, I'll take some time and take gorgeous pictures of the ice on the rocks up and down Highway 61 and people will be inspired to give me a lot of money for them. This would be a great idea if many other people hadn't done it already (and this goes for pictures of lupine and lakeshore sunrises, as well). In any case, I should do it for my own satisfaction, but I just haven't gotten around to it. When I think of it, it's not a sunny day, or it's too warm and the ice is gone, or something.

A couple weeks ago John had a hockey tournament up the shore. The ice was really beautiful that day, and it was sunny, and the sun was behind us and the sky was bright blue, and I had left the camera at home. Of course! But the next day I brought it, even though it was cloudy and damp, and not a very photogenic day. I brought it because this ice formation had caught my eye the day before:

Why? Because it's going to eat us all, that's why!

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  1. I was once chased for nearly a quarter of a mile by such an ice monster. I was only able to evade him after I threw the contents of a thermos full of cocoa directly towards his heart (or heart-area, since he was an ice monster, after all).

    And I would've appreciated hearing your thoughts about the originality of North Shore photographs BEFORE I invested my life savings into Lupine Pictures, Inc. Seriously.