Sunday, July 05, 2009

Feeling At Home

Every year we go down to the lighthouse to watch the town shoot fireworks over the ore docks for Independence Day. Even though there is only one road in and out, traffic is not an issue because it's such a small town. We can see Duluth and Superior and Port Wing fireworks from where we sit, and the railroad turns the lights off on the docks so they don't ruin the show.

When a shell is shot in the air, the docks echo with a curious descending groan. When the shell explodes, the docks rumble and shake as if someone is banging them together. It's like two shows in one.

Matt and I have been feeling more and more comfortable here. Even though it's hard to fit into a small town, we are happy with who we know and the level of involvement we have with things. But more than that, we're happy with the town's values -- what it's willing to pay for, what is important to it.

A couple weeks before school was out, I went to the school to help out with a big landscaping effort. After several years of raising money, the PTA was ready to break ground on an outdoor classroom. This involved all the classes planting trees, bushes and flowers that day. Everyone helped and the result was beautiful. The next day, the kids dedicated the plantings with a presentation that included poems and songs, and then finished with the whole school singing "This Land Is Your Land." It felt good.

Last night, we set off some fireworks after we came home from the city's show. As I was setting up some of the cones, Maia and John caught lightning bugs. The quiet greenish light shone on their hands as they stood still, holding the bugs carefully.


  1. oh, what a nice entry! so quiet and beautiful!

  2. the 4th for me growing up in grand marais meant bundling up in hats and blankets to go sit on the rocks by the harbor. they'd shoot off one at a time, and we could talk about whether or not that was a good one. in duluth, they just fire them all in a big, loud mess.