Monday, April 13, 2009

What Spring Looks Like Here

So I've got a picture of spring for you. I took it today. I was so excited about it because I was walking with Matt and saw something that just said "SPRING IS BUSTING ITS BUTT OUT ALL OVER THE NORTH SHORE, RIGHT HERE!" and it just made me feel all full of warm breezes and sunny days. Here it is:

Do you see what made me feel all springy? No? Well, take a guess. No, it's not the Christmas wreath that's still up. No, it's not last year's pea trellises or the apple tree branches that were chewed up by the deer all winter. It's also not the wheel from our garbage bin, left there by the receding glacier of this year's snows. It's also not the receding glacier itself, SHOWN HERE ON A SOUTH-FACING SLOPE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. And finally, it's not that nasty mold that looks like dog hair or cobwebs that you see right after all the snow melts but before the ground thaws and everything is done running off. That whole slope is covered with it. All right, I'll just have to point out what it is.
It's the year's first crocus, of course! Bright yellow. Gorgeous.


  1. Standing ovation for the first crocus! I've been keeping on eye on my little rhubarb nubbins, which are so far the only sign of life in the garden.

  2. One of my rhubarb nubbins broke open and showed a leaf yesterday, woot!

    I have to say, I am cracking myself up with that big red arrow.

  3. funnie4:08 PM

    This post makes me feel all panicky inside.

  4. Um. In a good way?

  5. funnie10:01 PM

    No! You clearly love your environment despite its climate, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies! Snow! Barrenness! Mid-April! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. ALL of your pictures are gorgeous, interesting, or both*...but just looking at them makes me fear I may never see the sun again.

    * the pics in your top bar are uniformly incredible, and I concur that you should be a visual artist.

  6. Rrrrrrrr! The snow at my house takes freaking forever to melt. Blah!
    I mean, good for you, though.

  7. I do like the big red arrow. You should move it before more plants come up, though, because they might get smushed.