Monday, February 09, 2009

One Moment, Please

Maia lost the other front top tooth, so she no longer looks like Burns. Now she looks like a kindergarten vampire.

"I miss those baby teeth," I told her last night. "I was so excited when they came, when you were a baby. And now they're gone!"

She leaned into me, smiling. I wasn't trying to be all heavy and nostalgic, but she took it that way.

"Am I still your Bugaboo?" she asked. "Am I still your baby?"

She doesn't often get demonstrative without a deprecating comment or a sarcastic aside. This was no more and no less than what she said, and even as I hugged her and told her I couldn't wait to see the grown-up teeth come in, I could feel the moment move on.


  1. I have four (children, not teeth) aged 31, 28, 27 and 16. Each have brought me their singular moments which have not faded, but were invisible to them. Parenthood should allow kids the spark of discovery, resisting the easy grown-up show and tell.

    Those special moments will always be mine. An attempt to recreate that instant could not succeed and could only offer a black and white snapshot in place of a treasured feeling. That's me; they will find their way.

    Yours is the first blog I've read (hard to believe?).
    Thanks for letting others peek at your day.

    Your reader,

  2. Thanks for reading, and for your comment...I know what you mean.