Sunday, February 01, 2009

On the Lake

I had read elsewhere that the skating was good on the big lake. We loaded up our skates, sticks and helmets and headed southwest.

Sadly, we found that a wind shift and a strong sun on top of a dusting of snow last night had made the conditions deteriorate quite a bit. So instead we climbed around on the ice and drifts and the funny old castle-like amphitheater down on the shore.

There were a lot of frozen drifts and melting snow caves to play in.

It was hard to get a decent picture of all the ice shards because they were all so marvelously clear. The photo up in the flag right now is of the blue ice that was on Brighton Beach several days ago. But the ice where we were today was like prisms.

Maia found a little snow throne and made herself comfortable. I have to say here that it was really, really warm out there. It felt like it was about 50. Neither of the kids had hats or gloves on. We passed a family all bundled in Polarfleece and scarves and mittens and I felt a little neglectful; I do tend to underdress the kids. However, no one was complaining, and at one point the kids found a clear patch of grass and dubbed it "spring" and basked in the sun there for awhile.

John found a nice beach where we sat in the sun for awhile. Maia found some quartz and a pink dragon tear and I found an agate bigger than my thumb-knuckle, the first I've ever found along the Lakewalk.

Even though we didn't get to skate, it was a good day.