Sunday, December 14, 2008

There's a Blessing on the Ground

10:45 a.m., trying not to slide off Highway 61 into Lake Superior:

11:45 a.m. in town. See the railroad bridge by the grocery store? What's that? You don't? Huh.

Noonish, heading home. The road isn't visible not only because of blowing snow but because there's just so much snow on the road.

We got stuck in the driveway and had to make a run for it. John had the 12-pack of root beer, Maia has the Sunday NYT in a bag and I followed with provisions including coffee, wheat thins and frozen pizza.

Shoveling snow is a lot more fun at night than during the day. Eight to 10 inches and counting; snow day tomorrow!


  1. Ha ha! I took photos out my windshield today, too.

  2. So you were driving in some pretty bad conditions and only using one hand so you could take pictures with the other?

    Negligent. Mother.

  3. I was wondering if anyone would comment about that. John took most of those; I did take the one in town (with the invisible railroad bridge), but that's because we were going approximately 3.5 mph.