Thursday, December 25, 2008


In the front of this picture you see one of my old Breyer horses that I played with for many years. It's a Palomino colt I named Butterscotch. Maia is opening what I always deemed his mother, a "Proud Arabian Mare" with Appaloosa markings, whom I named Snowfire after a dianthus we had planted that year.

She was thrilled to get the horses, and I was thrilled to pass them on. I had played with them a lot and all they were doing was sitting in a box in the garage.

I took a lot of pictures of John, but they are all variations on this theme. Matt found a Dungeons & Dragons book that lists the hit points and strengths/weaknesses of all the gods and goddesses in all sorts of myths -- Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Sumerian, and so on. In this picture, you can see that John is perched on the side of the couch, having started reading even before he sat down.

The photos are a little dim because I was playing around with natural light and not working with the flash. In the background of John's picture, you can see the tree we cut from our woods, and in the background of Maia's picture, you can see how we drape our hockey socks on the hearth with care on the night before Christmas.

After Maia opened the horses I asked her what she was going to name them. "I have a name for this one," she said, picking up the foal.

"What is it?" I asked, wanting to tell her what I had named it, and deciding that letting her name it would make it really hers.

"His name is Butterscotch," she said.


  1. Are you kidding? The same name? Am I understanding you correctly?
    About D&D: If John is going to spend a lot of time memorizing stuff, it's my understanding that the fourth edition is different from previous editions. Gameboy has the books, character sheets, etc. He spent all his birthday money on them!

  2. The same name! Of course, looking at the little guy, what else could you name him, really?

  3. That's awesome. Maia--she's amazing. This is not her first time.