Friday, December 12, 2008

Auto Loan

With the concern from Mitch McConnell, Republican senator from Kentucky, about the huge-ass wages (that's a paraphrase from him) that UAW members get being his big holdup for voting for the U.S. auto industry loan, I have some thoughts for him. He thinks the UAW should bring its "labor costs" "in line" with "other manufacturers in this country" (those are his words) before any help is considered.

Here's what I think. U.S. senators are among the most highly remunerated legislators in the world -- clearly parity is needed! How about McConnell take a 65 percent pay cut to, you know, help the nation? That brings his salary to about $59,000. C'mon, Mitch! Do it for the land you claim to love!

Why isn't is seen as anti-American for a U.S. senator to demand lower wages by breaking a legal contract? Why isn't that seen as economic terrorism? What we've learned from the senate vote is that some Republicans hate unions so much they are willing to bring national financial collapse to break them. And that craven greed and hatred is disgusting to see.

Also, did you know McConnell is married to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao? Sometimes, you could just cry.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Economic terrorism?

  2. Hey! You Pinko Commie! ;-)

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Ya dat NFTA ting is gonna makus americans bring our standard living down to da japs den ve an go ahead and dropum to da mexicans (or mexican'ts) or mabe ve shuld yus go ahed an go back to da days of shild labor an go wit da east indians at 50 cents a day for kids uner 12 ya dat sugestion of pairudy wit japan labur is uss fine..I tink da senatur wit his chou wife suld get some tinkin under dear caps dis nis america an we usta haf teriffs to keep our sandard up now lookit da old sweed from mtn iron

  4. I really need to blog like that more often.