Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Big Day, Part III

Maia: Mama! We had a election today!

Me: Wow, how exciting! Tell me about it!

Maia: Well, we had these little pallets, and we colored in the box for if we wanted John McCain or Bawack Obama. And MAMA!

Me: What, what?

Maia: John McCain had six votes. Bawack Obama had six....TEEN votes! SIXTEEN!

Me: I bet that was a lot of fun!

Maia: Yah! And guess what! My three boyfriends voted for Obama.


  1. She has good taste in men.

    Yesterday, Ben's friend Jean (a boy) told him "McCain sucks." His friend Jordan (who's black) was going to get to fill in the blank for Obama on his mom's ballot.

    Ben's class didn't have ballots of their own, because it just would have been mean to the teeny percentage of kids who liked McCain. This neighborhood, this city, this state was mighty excited about Obama.

  2. How did she get so freaking cute? Please tell me your secrets so I can impose them on my own chilluns.

    Also too, I miss you. Bloopy bloo. Coo coo kachoo.

  3. Cookie was calling him "BAWKobama."

  4. The night of the election, our 6 year old girl asked Mindy to wake her up in the morning with,
    "I'm your Mama,
    and your President is Obama!"
    - which she did.

  5. Watch out for that one. It's cute now, but consider: fourteen years old, a belly shirt and an '87 Camaro in your driveway. It's not too late to put her in a convent.

  6. I love Maia.

    Ada calls our President Elect "Oh-Mama." I'm cool with that.