Monday, October 06, 2008

My Son The Heretic

John is on a big Viking kick. He wants to be one for Halloween, and will use the costume on the day the fourth-graders go sing ethnic folk songs in costume at the nursing home. He's been checking out books at the library and poring over our Viking tomes. We were driving around the other day when John launched into this bit of Weltanschauung:

"I don't know quite how to describe it. It's hard to explain. But I'm reading this book, Viking News, and I just get so angry when I read about how...well, just how the Christians just came in and took away all our beliefs. They just wiped 'em out. I mean, they wouldn't even let us bury people the way we used to bury them!"

"Oh?" I said, thinking, our? Us? We? "How is that?"

"Well, I mean by burying people with your belongings. They just, you know, put 'em in a box and maybe get a piece of granite for a headstone. If that. And the Viking kings don't even get a special stone. Everyone is all the same."

At this point, I guessed he was quoting the book. I was going to point out that that was one of the whole points of early Christianity, and take it from there, but Maia piped up and said that when she dies, she wants to be buried with Kaki, her favorite doll.

"I dunno," John said thoughtfully, looking out the window. "I read this stuff, and I think about it, and I just get filled with this Viking rage."


  1. OMG. Perfect. Perfect.
    Maybe John will lead the Viking Resurgance?

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    At first I thought you ment the football team...I think I've been away from home too long. :-)

  3. I thought it was about football at first, too. This story is better.

  4. I share John's Viking rage. And I am especially impressed with his having developed it so young. Go forth and conquer, John!