Friday, October 31, 2008


The viking (here with Viking Rage tempered) and the princess.


  1. She makes such a pretty pretty princess... or pwincess, as I imagine she says.

  2. I like those Viking boots. And is that a hoop skirt? You might be the best mom ever. I am re-evaluating my childhood in light of the effort you put forth on your kids' costumes. Thanks, Mom, for draping me in a patterned sheet and telling me I look like a ghost.

  3. Neenuh: It's closer to "pincess." But it was definitely "twick o'tweet."

    Mach1: LMAO about the patterned sheet, but I have to confess that the dress with, yes, hoops, came from your former babysitter last year -- she got all the girls similar dresses because they were on supah-sale at Target, or something. Maia has worn this two years in a row. Effort for me: Zero.

    John's costume took a little more: The vest is leather and was $5 at Minnesota Surplus, the helmet belongs to Matt's dad (awesome!), and the boots are simply heavy wool socks pulled over his jeans and tied with leather laces, worn with his brown school shoes. The effect is much better than I thought it would be.