Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the Grind

I thought that when the kids found out I was leaving my 9-to-5 office job (or 8:30 to 5...or 8:30 to 5:30...sometimes 6...and sometimes the night shift...and sometimes on the weekend...) they'd be a little disappointed. They loved to visit (at least, until Matt got the COOL job) and my co-workers were always invariably kind to them. And yes, the kids were a little disappointed. Change is weird and sometimes scary when you're that age, even if the promise of Mom being less crabby is pretty tempting. But on my first days home before they went to school, things went very well and by the time they were tired of me, the school year started.

I've swung into a groove, and put together a good chunk of work each day. I'm feeling productive and doing what I wanted to be doing. Much of this I attribute to the sign Maia made for me on the first day I was home, when I was trying to wrap up an editing job and saying, "Hang on, guys, give me half an hour and I'll be done."


  1. Good to hear you are making a go of what you would prefer to be doing! I'm envious.

  2. I'll have Maia make you a sign. :)