Saturday, August 16, 2008


Posting will be spotty between now and September. August funk, a couple vacations, and prepping for school.

In brief, though:

1. Jolene Koski did not enter jelly this year either. I totally could have one, but I wouldn't have beaten her.
2. First prize for cake, raspberries, and apples.
3. Pie was disqualified for being the wrong size: they want a 4" pie. Four inches? With a lattice? The fair defeats me every year.


  1. That's not a pie! It's a TART!!!!

  2. I disagree with ms.sally. If the book says 4", then we must obey. You know how I feel about the little book.

  3. Dude, did someone abduct you and is now posing on your blog? "I totally could have one" COMBINED WITH the lack of scrabble plays...should I call 911 up yonder?


  4. And, yes, that "posing" should have been as it is, meaning that someone is posing as you on your blog. There is no missing T.

  5. Curse the fair and their tiny tiny pies. You should enter fudge. That would be no contest.