Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If The Kids Want To Buy a T-Shirt, What The Hell

Another vacation in links:

Great Wolf Lodge. It was crazy fun, including the Howling Tornado, which claims to be six stories tall. This so obviously untrue; when I went down it, it was clearly at least 10 to 12 stories high. I got off and my knees were shaking. And I like water slides.
The Del-Bar. Eat here. No, I mean it. The pan-fried mushrooms were so good Matt and I giggled every time we took a bite of them. The gin-and-tonics were the distilled essence of summer. And Matt's parents watched the kids, so we didn't even have to sneak off for dinner. I love you, Del-Bar!
My alma mater. We came back via Northfield to foist ourselves on Little Brother for a bit. We sat up late and drank Moosehead and talked while the kids tried to sleep.
Then we came back home and Matt bought a new commuter car. Awesome!


  1. Did you get over to Grundy's for some cheese curds?

  2. Is there an elevator? I must go there.

  3. Orange: No, we went to the tavern, where John ordered chicken stew.

    Beverly: No. But it is only six stories. "Only."

  4. Anonymous8:34 AM

    If you really love the Del-Bar, you must talk to them gently yet firmly about the opening sentence on their Web site: "The Del-Bar was establish in 1943 as a Roadside Steakhouse."

    Please tell me you didn't go through Northfield without having Reub nachos.


  5. I hope you went to Blue Monday, quite possibly the world's greatest coffee shop. Fact: coffee has more caffeine there. And it tastes better.

  6. I am so jealous! My kids have now been to Great Wolf Lodge (in Niagara Falls, Ont, Canada) twice - both times with my parents. Which is wonderful for everyone . . . but I wanna go on the water slides!!!