Saturday, May 17, 2008


Word is, we're about two or three weeks behind as far as spring is concerned. And I don't mean behind the Twin Cities, I mean behind our spring. There was snow on the fishing opener last weekend; Matt still sees snow on some of the embankments along the tracks back in the woods. But the last couple of days, it's felt a little different.

Here's our first strawberry blossom. I have to admit that I found it as I was weeding the berry patch for the first time.

I love lupine. It grows in ditches and along roads, and takes over abandoned lots. I plant it and nurture it, and what do I get? One or two plants. I should ignore it; then, maybe it would thrive. This one is in the middle of the strawberry patch, and because it's in good shape, I leave it.

We have marsh marigolds in our creek. They generally bloom around May 1. Not this year.

This makes our property look a lot greener than it really is, but it's on its way. Also, I felt sneezy today. Now it's spring.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    It's finally spring here, too. The rabbits have been busy gnawing the hosta and the bleeding heart. We've had so much rain that everything, including the lawn(!)looks lush and green. A new redbud tree is in place in the northwest garden. The lilac bush has more blooms than ever--it must have watched while we dug out the non-productive one. I'm pretty sure the cold nights are behind us so it's on to buying and planting tomatoes and cukes.
    Are the mirrors keeping the deer away?

  2. Matt said he saw a deer nibbling at the apple tree, but I think it helped any case, they look pretty until the leaves come out. Which they haven't, yet. The grape hyacinths just did, though.

  3. Also, I saw our first hummingbird on Sunday! Woot!

  4. I think lupines are kinda picky, but it they're in the right spot (ie, the ditch), they grow like weeds. I have some happy lupines, and the aphids will find them. Then the ants come, cause they eat the aphid "poop." If ladybugs come to eat the aphids, the ants fight the ladybugs. It's pretty neat.

  5. Any lupine that thrives on our property is considered a protected species. I love everything about them.

    We haven't had problems with ants on the lupines (knock wood), which is interesting, because there is an ant nest about two feet from the lupine in the photo.