Monday, May 19, 2008


It seems that John and Maia learned to ride a bike at about the same age, five and a half. Here is John with his new bike, almost four years ago:

It's funny; he doesn't even look like that anymore. That's kind of a strange picture.

John got a new bike this weekend, and Maia, the way second children almost always do, got the hand-me-down. She had her heart set on a pink bike, maybe with flowers or princesses, and instead got a black one with red action lines. And used. So we bought a bunch of accessories to make it her bike. And now it is:

What, doesn't everybody go biking in a purple velvet dress and Sami jacket? What?


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Excellent cycling outfit... I love it!

  2. And really, what isn't made better by adding sparkly streamers and a basket with flowers on it? I ask you.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Nothing, that's what!

    Can I borrow them for my century in July? Aerodynamics be damned... these are sparkly streamers we're talking about here! I can't prove it, but I suspect they make you ride faster.

  4. Crazyleg tights help, too.

  5. Don't worry about skipping the pink bike. We got one of those Disney Princess bikes for S last year (she wanted it mostly because of the doll carrier on the back, which promptly fell off), and she's already outgrown it, and will be moving up to a hand-me-down ('boys') bike as soon as I fix the flat on it. S also learned to ride without training wheels this spring, and is loving it!