Thursday, April 10, 2008

North Shore Spring

Saturday: Barefoot at the lake, hunting for agates. Maia and I roll up our pants and flop down on the warm rocks to bask. Back home, I open the sliding door to air out the house and listen to the rushing waterfall.

Sunday: Sloppy snowy mix here, three feet of snow on the Range.

Monday: The male cardinal we've been hearing is sighted.

Tuesday: Windy, misty.

Wednesday: Nubbins of rhubarb emerge from their winter muck; a dozen crocus wait for the sun so they can open.

Today: Blizzard warning through Friday night; 14 inches and 50 mph winds expected off the lake.


  1. hmm rhubarb ... if you have extra ... i'll trade you for snow...

  2. The ONLY thing getting me through this is thinking about how I'll get insane pictures and blow people's minds when I post them on my blog.
    I can pretend that they'll care.

  3. Stay warm! My parents and sister don't have power. I was supposed to come out that way this weekend, but umm... no thank you. Even North Dakota is better than that. :)

  4. Yes. This is why I MOVED.

    Come visit any time. :)