Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He Knows What To Say

Scene: Post-supper mayhem: John delaying inevitable homework and Maia trying to decide if she wants to run around the house naked before her bath. I am clearing the table.
Players: Me, mise en scène, talking to Matt on the phone, from the cab of a train heading toward MinnTac.

We join mid-discussion.

Me: ...And, you know, I was just sitting there, and right when she said that, I got teary, even though I told myself I wouldn't. Just because I was so mad.

Matt: Oh, right when you said she had said that, I knew you would.

Me: I know! Isn't that so me? Why do I have to be one of those people who gets teary when she's mad? Why can't I just yell and throw a big fit?

Matt (affectionately): Yeah, I know.

Me: God, I just hate it. Well, of course, I'm all PMSy right now.

Matt: Wait a minute now --

Me: I know, how DUMB is that? But seriously.

Me: C'mon now. What kind of newspaper person are you? J. Jonah Jameson NEVER would have used that excuse.


  1. As much as I support the theory that boys and girls are different creatures from birth, I do think this stress reaction is influenced a lot by society. Emotionally, there is little difference between crying and yelling in anger. But I think women will try to avoid expressing actual anger at work, and in relationships, too.
    I used to be horrible about tearing up from stress, but I think I've gotten better. As weird as it might sound, I will often compare a situation to when I had a miscarriage. I'll think, "How does THIS compare with THAT," and it calms me down.

  2. I think I've gotten better, too, but every once in awhile I get caught off guard. I always try to think of something funny -- I have two or three go-to things that make me giggle every time I think of them -- but this time I couldn't come up with one. So I'll blame PMS. Which I never do.

  3. OK, sorry...wandering your archive, commenting on a month-old post, but I just identified with this post! I DESPISE it that I get teary when I get angry. Here I am, all prepared to kick some major ass, and then I start choking up and pretty soon there's snot dripping out of my nose. Pretty hard to feel powerful and assertive when you're snotting on someone.