Friday, March 07, 2008

My Geeky, Geeky Children

Scene: In the car, on the way to school.
Players: Me, John, Maia

Maia: Mama, what's [unintelligible]?

Me: What's that? Say it really loud, so I can hear you.

Maia: What's [sounds like "blakh"]?

Me: Bach?

Maia: No, Bwakh.

Me: Bach?

Maia: No, gwakh.

Me: Bach?

Maia: Yeah, Bach.

Me: Bach was a man who lived several hundred years ago and composed a lot of famous, beautiful music both for churches and for court. He came from a family of musicians and is very famous. He wrote music for pianos and violins and all sorts of instruments. He was also very good on the organ.

John: Bach is also a Klingon delicacy that looks like a bowl of worms, and is worms.

Maia: Yeah!

"Gagh," courtesy of Memory Alpha.


  1. Hi. I just feel like I should comment when something makes me laugh that hard.

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