Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kindergarten. Roundup.

I'm going to bypass the whole issue of Maia being old enough for Kindergarten Roundup (I know. I know!) and go straight to John being the older brother at Kindergarten Roundup. He found a couple other older brothers he knew to hang around with (or, as he put it, "Mom, I'm going to run around the school with Brett, OK?") and stayed out of the way admirably while Maia was meeting with Kindergarten Teachers One, Two and Three. (Three she knows already; I've drunk with Two at the noisy saloon at a hockey party; the jury's still out on One.)

We met up with John again in the gym, where the principal, who had dyed her hair purple, was setting up a table with some sticker landscapes for the pre-Ks to play with. John lounged over the table, young enough to still want to mess with the stickers, but old enough to know to stay out of it, this time around.

Another older brother drifted over. "Hey, did you do the stickers?" he asked.

"No," John replied with gruff self-assurance. "I'm in third grade."

"Second," offered the other kid, and they both nodded with the wisdom of their years.


  1. MP. Kindergarten. The mind BOGGLES.

  2. I know. I can't even stand it. I got all sad at the end of her hockey season because I'll never see her learn hockey again. EVER.