Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Won...Barely

John and I have been playing Scrabble the last few nights, using Matt's grandma's set. The first night was pretty painful. There was a lot of he and it and in going on. Last night was better: goon, before we called the game on account of bedtime. Tonight was even better: zinc, glob, vat and cell.

Then, late in the game, he tried to play hexi. I objected on prefix grounds. He hotly contested the objection by not knowing what prefix meant, and then not knowing that a prefix was ineligible. "It means six, Mom," he argued, reaching for the dictionary. "YOU know? Hexigram? Hexigon [sic]? It means SIX!"

He was mollified only when I pointed out he could play hex instead (no L, alas). "Maia's almost hexi," he said defiantly as he removed the I.

"Yeah, but nobody talks like that," I said.

"Well then, maybe I'll just start," he replied.


  1. Just to clarify...those were all John's words. Mine were sometimes better, but not always. I've been on a bad streak of drawing nothing but vowels.

  2. The "no prefixes" thing is legit, but "nobody talks like that" has never been a reason not to play a word in Scrabble.

  3. Oh, he is SO your kid.

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    That is a total j'accuse, to blame it all on drawing vowels.