Friday, February 08, 2008

Winter Scene

We meet at the noisy saloon in the forest for supper. The place is bright and packed and we recognize some of the people, and they recognize us. This is progress. We bundle into a booth next to the Trophy Buck video game and soon four beers, two of them root, are on the table.

Some out-of-town snowmobilers are in the next booth. It's possible they're all the way from the Cities. Their boots are a little too new, their coats a little too Outdoorsy. A trim, graying man comes out of the bathroom and heartily asks the kid busing tables, "What's the best way back to Two Harbors?"

The kid stands there with empty beer glasses in his hands, scowling slightly. The man from the Cities waits. Finally, the oracle speaks: "The ditch."


  1. HAHA! Sounds like the Pequaywan Inn, my favorite place to go when we visit my parents. Or the Sunset, another favorite place.

    Those people from the Cities have no idea how badly they stick out in the crowd. They do try awful hard to blend in, though...

  2. Jon and I went up the shore once to eat lunch and the waitress asked us if we were from the Cities. I was so offended.

  3. * gulp *

    ...wait a minute, why am I nervous? You moved up from the Cities!

    And I grew-up up there. I even have the worn Sorels to prove it. Which I will never replace--- they're finally broken in after 20 years. =)

  4. Kris, the longer we're here, the more we're realizing the vast difference between where you and Matt grew up and where we now live. It's kind of staggering.

  5. Over here on the other side of the state, the locals here won't hunt anywhere near hunters from the Cities, because they're likely to shoot any which way.
    But of course, my not being a hunter (nor much of a fisherman), and the old 'better not swear in front of the pastor' syndrome does put a bit of a damper on things when I enter a tavern. Our small town has enough transplants from big cities like Fargo to make us urban newcomers fit in pretty fast, and the people have been very welcoming.