Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Question

Maia asked me, on the way home from hockey yesterday, if we were going to have any more kids in our family. We talked about it for awhile, and then she came out with the big one: "Mama? How ARE babies made, anyway?"

Being a believer in providing the information they ask for, I dove right in. She seemed to think that some sort of eating was involved (which is funny, because we never use "belly" or "stomach" or "tummy" to describe where the baby grows), and when I told her what does happen, she was extremely skeptical.

But I must have gone on too long, because by the time we got done and home, she said, "Mama, how did we start talking about this anyway?"


  1. Again, I love that kid.

    The book "It's So Amazing" might appeal to her.

  2. We've got the 70s classic, "How Babies Are Made," which worked well for John.

    Anything that teaches here that penises aren't detachable (song notwithstanding), because I think she kind of got that idea. :/

  3. I wish I knew--one of the Small Friends thought for a long time that the penis shoots off into the vagina. So, that was a fun one to fix.

  4. critina1:47 AM

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