Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Things got a little tricky when my contact froze to the eyepiece, but I saw Saturn's rings for the first time tonight and it was so beautiful.

"It looks like the NASA sign, a little tiny one that someone made into a sticker and stuck on the sky," John said.

"It looks like a beautiful jewel that someone threw up into the sky and it stayed there," Maia said.


  1. That's better than the tongue-to-metal-pole scene in A Christmas Story!

    Groovy eclipse. But I hadn't put my coat on, so nake eye was it for me. I was too cranky/cold to have the patience to find the moon with the telescope my husband brought outside.

  2. The moon actually wasn't too dazzling in the telescope; it was more fun to look at it with the naked eye. So the kids looked at the constellations while I found Saturn (which Maia calls "Saturin") and Matt loaded the wood furnace. We were out for about 20 minutes.

  3. Eclipse, eclipse? It is a fresh thing to me. I have never seen the eclipse. Is it very beautiful? Excited, excited to wait for one day's arrival.