Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mother's Little Helper

As I am fond of saying at the beginning of every year, what you do on New Year's Day will set the tone for the year. I've spent the last two days -- days off in which I had planned to play hockey with the kids, learn how to battle John in Yu-Gi-Oh, maybe make some cookies, read the haul from what we call Merry Bookmas, drink some wine -- trying to keep the room from spinning.

I've just gotten back from Urgent Care, which told me I have Benign Positional Vertgio. Which is kind of a pain. It's like having a really bad hangover -- dizziness, nausea, vomiting -- without any of the fun. And the doctor recommended I start taking valium! I opted for the meclizine (Dramamine) instead, thanks. I don't need to start 2008 buying cakes and burning frozen steaks. We'll see if meclizine gets me through my busy day.

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