Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get In The Game

Scene: Maia's hockey tournament
Setup: I'm dressing Maia and giving her a pep talk.

Me: You ready to play?

Maia: Uh-huh.

Me: Yeah, you are! Whose puck is it?

Maia: Wat?

Me: Whose puck is it?

Maia stares at me, perplexed, then shrugs, completely at a loss.

Me: It's your puck, Maia.

Maia: No it's not! I dident bwing it!

Me: No, Maia, I mean, when you're on the ice, whose puck is it?

Maia: I dunno.

Me: It's your puck!

Maia: Unless da wef needs to pick it up.

Me: Well --

Maia: And when someone else on my team has it, den it's not my puck.

Me: Um.

Maia: And when the other team has it, it's not my puck den either.

Me: Well, you pretend that it is, and then you go get it! Because you don't want someone else to have your puck!

Maia: Unless I'm on da bench. Den someone else has it.

Me: Um, yeah, but --

Maia: Can I have some cocoa when I'm done?


  1. Ha! She single-handedly eviscerated the whole sports, rah-rah business with ice-cold logic. She'll go far, this one.

  2. We're all a little afraid of her.

  3. My God, I love that kid.