Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Writer, Gone

Carol Bly has died of ovarian cancer. She was 77.


  1. Oh no! She sent me books when I was in hospital two years ago, via my cousin who knew her. I meant to write and discuss the books with her. Never did. My Lord Bag of Rice is very good reading, btw.

    Oh No.

  2. Oh. Oh, no.

    She was just wonderful. When I was in college, I met her a few times through one of my mentors, Jonis Agee. Specifically, I had a fabulous time with Carol at something called Red Angels and Suitcases, which was a two-day event Jonis dreamed up, bringing writers and visual artists together to create.

    She will be missed and may she rest in peace.

  3. It's quite a loss. Katie's mom Marilyn knew her from classes at The Loft, and Carol also would edit and critique her manuscripts.

    What is amazing to me is that it sounds like nearly anyone who is a writer in this area has a Carol Bly story. She certainly touched many people, within the literary landscape and beyond.

  4. Krupskaya9:46 AM

    I have to say that Carol Bly gave me some of the best advice, both in person and in a book, that I've ever heard when it comes to writing. It was a serious "a-ha!" moment.