Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wish List

Dear Santa:

Please bring me a hockey helmet for Christmas this year so I don't have to keep wearing John's sweaty one on the same days he has practice. And then after I borrow it I forget to put it back and there's a big mongo prob on his practice days as we all play "Where Did Mom Leave the Helmet?" which really brings the stress. I would also like some hockey gloves, for the same reason. At least I have my own athletic supporter, thank you, Santa.

Oh, and if you could leave some magic dust so I could sprinkle it in my skates and be able to skate backwards, I would like that too. I seem to be learning how to stop OK so I think I can manage that on my own.

I've been as good as can be, considering. Thank you.

Your friend,


  1. Not like it's all about hockey around here all of a sudden. It's just that I'm having a lot of fun with it.

  2. The day they try to take this game is the day the gloves come off!

  3. I should add, too, it's not an athletic supporter. It's a pelvic guard. Or, as some say, a jill. HA!!!!

  4. Seriously? I've never heard of a pelvic guard. When you said you had an athletic supporter, I thought you were coyly talking about a sports bra for your ample bosom.

    The things one learns on Edit Barn!

  5. I would shriek-laugh at you, but I would disturb my other readers.

    Around home, I usually call it my "hockey shorts," because it's built into a pair of shorts that also serves as a velcro "garter" for the hockey socks. Maia calls hers her "hockey panties" (!!!) and has to wear an actual garter belt for her socks, because we couldn't find built-in hockey shorts small enough for her.