Friday, November 09, 2007

Hawkey Tawk (and a Poem)

The scene: Breakfast table
The players: John, Maia and I

Me: I had hockey practice last night!

John: OH! How was it?

Me: Good, but late. I came home and you two were asleep.

John: What did you do?

Me: We had a new drill, where you skate to the blue line and fall on your knees and you have to get up.

John: Oh, I know that one.

Maia: Yeah! Yeah!

Me: But when I fall down, instead of going straight and getting up again, I go in a circle.

John (consolingly): Yeah, that happens when you're just getting started.

Maia (helpfully): Yeah! Yeah! But if you put one knee up and put your skate down, den it's not hard!

John: No, Maia, you're supposed to put both knees down!

Maia: Yeah! No! I know! After you do dat, den you put your one knee up and your skate down and you get up! Like dat, Mama! You can do dat!

Me: Aaaaand I got the puck in the net in one of the drills.

John: Awright, Mom!

* * *
I think they are both getting a big kick out of being much, much better at something than I am. And that's good.

* * *
A word picture from Maia on the first snow:

"Tiny snowflakes come down and make the sidewalk flat."

(Murmured from the back seat as we drive through town.)

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