Sunday, November 04, 2007


We spent the evening going through old photos of Gorm and I found a few to share. We took a lot of him when we got him, when he was still young and skinny, and not so many when he was older -- oh, and when we had kids. Photos of young Gorm also are photos of us in our young house, which is cause for some hilarity, as well.

This was taken probably before we were even married. This is from a Polaroid, hence the odd color. No wait, the couch really was that color. Gorm is so big in this picture that Matt is closing his eyes to shield them from Gorm's bigness. I think Gorm had been sleeping on the couch and Matt wrestled him off to show him who the alpha male was around these parts.

Gorm also seems to still be unfixed, so this is probably from September of 1996. Gorm had a problem with his fixing operation -- he popped a stitch and the vet who did the surgery was closed on the weekend with no emergency number. I called around to other vets and found one who flatly refused to "look at anyone else's work." We finally found the vet we stayed with for many years, who looked like Wilfred Brimley's punkass younger brother, smoked during exams, employed a different 20-year-old female assistant every three months, and loved Gorm. Every time we brought Gorm in, he would say, "Gorm, remember the first time I saw you? It's when your balls were bleeding."

Note the guitar and bass behind Matt's head. We really were cool.

One of the top five photos ever of Gorm. It's kind of hard to see, but he's licking his chops and throwing his chest out like he's some kind of fierce police dog. Too bad one of his owners is almost overcome with skepticism of the entire world, and the other seems to be having her deepest thought ever.

I like this photo too because our mothers are standing behind us like they're chaperoning the photo.

A great truck and a great dog. It's hard to see him, but he's in the driver's seat in the Watertown Perkin's parking lot. With a mug of coffee on the dash, some Uncle Tupelo on the boom box, and an open road, life was good.

I really love this photo. It says so much more than "sleepy dog." It says "We never sweep," "If we're smoking Dorals, we really should just quit," "I can't find the bottle opener" and "What's that stain?" It also says, "Why can't I hold the camera level?" It also says, "I am a happy dog."

Land shark. Rug by Target.

I think the funniest thing I ever saw Gorm do was when he looked at his butt in shock after he farted. Yes, I am twelve. No, that's not what he's doing here, but it's essentially the same expression: "What the hell was that?" Slippers by Sven's Clogs.

Another of the top five photos of Gorm. The cigarettes and Grain Belt have been replaced by a chocolate donut and Healthy Request V8. Gorm has been replaced by John, who is about two weeks old in this picture. You can tell he's not quite sure what to think about it.

There are a lot of sounds in this house that I had always attributed to the dog. I know now they're just sounds, but it's hard not to think he's come back when I hear them.


  1. Grace8:38 AM

    Aw...I'm so glad you posted these. I've always wondered what Gorm looked like, and he pretty much looks exactly like I imagined. He seems like a wonderful dog, one that would fit right in with my pack. I'm so sorry to hear he's gone--I've been reading about it here, but haven't been able to comment without tearing up. He clearly added a lot to your life and you, I'm sure, to his.

  2. I love the Gorm gallery. This morning, I had actually been wondering how you observe the unknown about your missing pet. Now I know--- this was very nice. Sort of like a funeral (I mean, "celebration of life"), but more fun with photos of International Harvesters and guitars.

    BTW, I never saw those guitars *played*. =) But heck yes, they look cool.

    (note: my guitar continues to sleep snugly in its case, so I'm no better)

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    OK, I'm totally full of tears now. I remember his puppy days when he'd try to get busy with your leg the minute Human Alpha Male left the house.

    He was such a good dog, and you made his life the happiest it possibly could have been.


  4. You know what's most striking to me about this series of photos? I'd seen photos of Gorm before, but never of Matt.

  5. Grace -- your photos of Chance always reminded me of Gorm...the big nose, the goofy floppy body, etc.

    Kris -- All of our guitars gently weep.

    Eth -- I totally should have posted that story! After a whack on the nose, he never tried that again.

    Frog -- I know; I've never posted photos of Matt before. And these aren't the best of him. But we're all looking at the dog.

    Thanks, all, for your kind thoughts.

  6. I'm so sorry about Gorm. In the past, we had two basset hounds. Gorm's legs look crazy long to me.
    I'm glad you have nice photos of him. He looks like a good boy.

  7. little brother7:11 PM

    Well, it sounds like it's for real.
    All this time I've been figuring that Gorm's latest adventure was just a bit bigger and longer than all the others, and, I guess, it really is.

    Do you think he heard the call? And can you imagine the pack of brothers he went off to join? ...probably makes Valhalla look like Happy Chef on a Wednesday night.

    I'll try to eat an entire cake- and the plate it rode in on- all by myself in honor of Gorm, but he's left some pretty big paws to fill.

    Gorm always had a way of making you want to laugh and cry all at the same time, and this time's no different. I'm glad you put up the pictures.

    I'm gonna miss that guy. Thanks for giving him a better life than he could ever have hoped for. I've seen a lot of happy dogs and goofy dogs and spoiled dogs and big ol' dumb dogs... but there will only ever be one Gorm.
    -little brother

  8. I have a copy of that last photo, tucked in a stack of pictures that I keep in a brown envelope, on a bookshelf, which spans years... friends and places, which I miss dearly. My heart goes out to you all.

    j. delwiche

  9. Beverly -- Gorm had record legs. We sometimes wondered if he had Great Dane in him. When he stretched, it was amazing to watch.

    Little Bro -- I love the idea of the pack swooping down to have Gorm join them...that makes it a little easier.

    Joe -- What a pleasure to see you here. Thank you. We talk about you every time we read "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel."