Thursday, October 04, 2007

If I Didn't Have Puke Breath, I'd Kiss You

On the first day of hockey season, I make homemade doughnuts (greasy, messy, tasty) and we eat them and drink Molson Canadian as we watch the game. And we talk about how we haven't watched Slapshot or Strange Brew in at least a year. We're watching the Wild-Blackhawks game right now and Maia and John put their helmets and gloves on to watch the game. John said he's going to sleep with his stick tonight.

Peterboro Referee: Got my eye on the three of you. You pull one thing, you're out of this game. I run a clean game here. I have any trouble here, I'll suspend ya.

Steve Hanson: I'm listening to the fucking song!


  1. a) wasted.
    b) i like the movie.
    c) you have my fav family
    d) wasted

  2. Sharikov10:45 AM

    Let's go Red Wings!!!!!

  3. Wow, you are way too deep into hockey already. There's obviously little chance of turning back now.

    And I'm not sure if it's the anecdote about having doughnuts with beer (this seems very Canadian to me, for some reason...), or the arcane movie reference.

    Let me know when to throw you a life ring! =)

  4. Mystery, Alaska is another good hockey flick. Not that you need variety or anything.