Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Easy Way Out of This One*, a Reconstruction

As told by Matt
The scene: Bedtime for John
The players: John and Matt

John (seeing Matt's book of the week): "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom"? What's that?

Matt: Oh, it's an old book, and very famous.

John: Well?

Matt: [Synopsis of both the military history and memoir of T.E. Lawrence! Slight aside regarding mental state of subject. Minor dissertation on the Arabian peninsula ca. 1880-1920, focusing on the British-Arab relationships after the turn of the century. Exposition on the influence of said relationships upon Middle East politics today, up to and including the current war in Iraq.]

John (throughout): Hm! Oh! I see. OK! Uh-huh. Wow!

Matt: It's a very interesting book.

John: So what are they?

Matt: What are what?

John (patiently): The seven pillars of wisdom?

Matt: Um.

* Uncle Tupelo, "Fall Down Easy"


  1. Sharikov2:58 PM

    You can't do that. You have to tell us what they are, now. While you're at it - could you tell me who the 5 people you meet in heaven are too? I just have no tolerance for Mitch Albom, but I am curious.

  2. Oh, come on. Just pick up the book. It's easy reading.

    As far as the five people in heaven -- would you still read this blog if I told you that I'd actually read that book? It was when I was working at the bookstore/coffeeshop and had already read everything good.

  3. Sharikov1:38 PM

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  5. Crap! I just deleted your comment! And it was awesome! As otkhuitelny as that link you put up! Crap! Stupid blogger.

  6. Sharikov10:09 PM

    Sharikov is not offended, but Sharikov can't reproduce the genius and poetry of his original post. Sharikov can talk about himself in the third person, however, and can also (speaking of poetry and genius) provide the following link:

    and say this much:

    O vkusakh ne sporiat'!

    and ask this:

    What was Bogdan's greatest hit?

  7. His GREATEST? Oh, you mean I have to choose?

    Was it "Seks mashina"? Bud' muzhshina!

    Was it "(Ei podruga) posmotri na menya"? Delai kak ya! Delai kak ya!

    Destvitelno ne sporyat.