Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Letter

Dear Ma and Pa Krup:

You may have wondered if I'd ever come around. I would have sooner, but the time just wasn't quite right. It might not be now, even, but I had a moment, and things were going pretty smoothly for your daughter, so I figured I'd pay her a visit.

Your daughter had to have a meeting with your grandson's teacher today about homework that wasn't getting done, and it was hard for her because the teacher kept talking about how bright he is and what an advanced reader he is and how he speaks up and shares in class, but just doesn't do the worksheets.

Doesn't that just take you back to when she was in junior high and high school? Just thought you might like to know. I'll be sure to send this to your son-in-law's parents, too.

Your very good friend,



  1. 1975 "Canada is a bright girl, she should just spend more time doing work and less time socializing"

    2006 "Clara is doing very well academically. Sometimes, however, she doesn't get her work done when she and her friends are chatting and being silly".

    Seems like Karma has been making the rounds!

  2. Well, crap. If we have tadpoles, I'm sure to be totally screwed.

  3. Ma Krup1:56 PM

    Please be gentle with Krup.
    Thank you.