Friday, September 28, 2007

How To Tell When You've Moved To The Next Age Demographic

I swear he can't be more than 10 years younger than me. I see him about twice a week, and we work well together. Because of his industry and his job, he shows up in band t-shirts and jeans, and has pierced ears, and it doesn't matter. I talk into the camera, read into the microphone, and we're done.

"I like your outfit," he said today as he was putting stuff away.

"Oh," I said, a little taken aback, especially because I'd been busy all day with hating the shirt I was wearing.

"Yeah, it looks good," he said, and I swear I heard him formulate the words in his mind before he said them. "It looks like something my mom would wear."

"Ah hm," I said, narrowing my eyes.

"But no, that's a good thing," he said artlessly. "My mom is really stylish."

"Ah...hmmmmmmm," I said, feeling dangerous.

I recounted the story to Matt on the phone as I drove home.

"Well, you know what he was really saying, don't you?" he said helpfully. " 'You're not wearing an appliqued sweatshirt. Good for you!' "


  1. I hope you don't own any appliqued sweatshirts!

    I think my sister might. She at least has holiday sweatshirts and vacation souvenir sweatshirts. Me, I buy the unadorned Polarfleece.

  2. I do have an appliqued sweatshirt. It has the letters N, E, B, R, A, S, K and A appliqued on it by a union needleworker from Italy. Which cracks me up.

  3. hey! i was behind your cute family at a certain bagal drive thru today. i honked. the mr. jumped startled. i waved like a mad woman. both of your children looked at me, including a grin from your son. ... still, no acknowledgement. so "hi" here instead. me? onion bagal with provalone.

  4. Here's us in the car:

    Me (all annoyed, throwing hands out like I'm Italian): Jeez, who's honking?

    Matt: Uh, I think she knows us?

    Me: Is she honking at us?

    Matt: She's kind of waving her arms around. I think she hit the horn accidentally.

    John: She's waving at us!

    Matt: No, no, I think she just hit the horn by accident, and she's waving us off.

    John: No! No! She's waving!

    Maia: She's waving at us!

    Me: JOHN, don't wave back. Guys! Knock it off.

    John: Sigh (slumps).

    Matt: I never know what to do when I honk the horn accidentally. Do you wave, or do you act like nothing happened?

    Me: What is taking so long for OUR G.D. COFFEE?

    Thus ends another episode of Don't Want To Make A Fuss Theater.

  5. So at what age is it that I will want to wear sweatshirts with bluebirds or teddy bears on it?
    Right now, I wear things that I wouldn't have worn when I was younger because I didn't think they were cool. But now I think the younger me was wrong to worry about being cool.
    Will the same thing happen again? Will the 50-year-old me think the 36-year-old me was an idiot for putting down the applique?
    Oooo, you really go me thinking.