Sunday, August 05, 2007


All I know is, trying and failing to get the dead mouse out of the heating duct tends to put a damper on the whole weekend.


  1. Boy, I hope you get that thang out before heating season kicks in.

  2. Which is, you know, days away.

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  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Did I ever tell you we had a roof rat expire in our heating duct? It did eventually mummify and I can pretend it never happened, now.

    Your sister.

  5. So...right after I made that post, I went up to the living room to look for the bastard one more time. And there he was, lying on the so-very-North-Shore pile of lake rocks and shells on the hearth, gently decaying and generously hosting some larder beetles. Right out in the open, right were I HADN'T been looking for the last two days. Which is good, because then we didn't have to pay someone to tear apart the ductwork.

    Kris: I use a pseudonym for a reason, dude!

    Sistah: I was thinking about that story as I was hunting for the mouse. And then I remembered the story about the plumber who got too excited with his plumbing snake and kept winding it and winding it, and it went the wrong way out the stack out the top of your house into your yard, which, if you had a blog, I would link to so everyone could share in the hilarity.

  6. Ewwww, man. I feel your pain...we had one in the garage last week. Blech.

    I had a coworker once, went on a ski trip with his family, during which his wife broke her leg, and while crossing the street to the hospital, his fiery 3-year old girl stuck her tongue to a lamp post, and then when they got home, a mouse had died in their new washer, but it took them a WEEK to figure it out. While his wife was stuck on the couch with her full leg cast.

  7. Nella5:06 PM

    Ew, you have my total sympathy. My aunt's cat once managed to jam a dead frog behind the radiator when the whole family were away, and of course because they didn't see the frog being put into place they didn't know what the smell was when the heating went on. I guess at least your little friend was identifiable, not that it is any consolation when dealing with such things. :(