Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Meme, and Random Replies

To Psycho Kitty: Our main apple tree didn't bear anything this year (I'm thinking it's fallen into the habit of biennial bearing), so I'll just be using some frozen apple juice from last year. I'm not sure if I have enough to make a full batch of jelly, but we'll see. Ma Krup advises you to enter your vegetables, because if you don't and you go to the fair, you'll say to yourself, "Damn, mine were TOTALLY better than these." With that in mind, I *am* going to enter some marigolds, among other things. More on that TK.

To Frog: I totally owe you an e-mail. I know. You've been in my thoughts, though, with all you've got going on.

To Sistah: Comin' atcha!

This is the full version of the photo used below, showing John and his cousin Micah. In the background Micah's sister, Noemi, can be seen under a hat, and at far left, Maia is shown with the realization dawning on her face that someone is pointing a camera, not necessarily at her -- a situation that must be rectified.

And I've been tagged for the "Eight Things" meme, so here are eight things you might or might not know about me.

1. I have a weakness for shiny, rich magazines -- namely, Vanity Fair. I love the ads. I love the articles. I particularly love the articles about rich people I don't know. I don't always read the articles about celebrities, but the "society" articles about low-level nobility...if it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

2. I have really pedestrian tastes in food, particularly when I'm alone. Matt and the kids went out of town this weekend, and I couldn't wait to make macaroni and cheese out of a box and then put a can of tuna in it. And then eat it. From the pot. Hooyah!

3. Oddly inappropriate things make me cry. Such as "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" (understandable once, but EVERY TIME?), "The Great Escape" (Donald Pleasance saying "are we there? have we made it?" and then DYING!), and E.T. I also cried through my wedding and didn't say my vows. We have a photo of Matt reading the vows with his hand on my shoulder and me weeping with my arms folded. It looks like he's going down a list of rules I'll have to follow as his wife.

4. Even though I am 36 years old, I sometimes still sleep with the bathroom light on if I'm alone.

5. If someone's talking to me and I don't want them to anymore, I will type "go away" or "shut up" with my fingers. Or even ruder things. It's very subtle; you woudn't notice it if you were there.

6. I write my grocery lists in Russian, mainly because I enjoy writing the words that are usually on the list: bread, milk, cheese, fruit, salad, coffee, butter, ice cream, beer.

7. I have this vision of me when I'm 50 going out and buying a Chrysler Sebring convertible. And then wearing lipstick regularly. I don't particularly like the Sebring, but it seems like the type of car I should drive when I'm 50. But now that they've redesigned it, I should probably pick a different car.

8. When I'm in an airplane, I'm the one busy keeping the plane in the air through sheer force of will. I've gotten so I can let it go when we're cruising along, but once we hit turbulence, I'm the one concentrating on pulling it through. The pilot's just there for looks.

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  1. I used to be hooked on VF. Then blogs came along and stole my heart.

    Of course you cry at Gordon Lightfoot. Look where you live. ...Though you should be over that by now.

    We watched "E.T." Friday night—outdoors, in the park, with hundreds of people. When E.T. was pronounced dead and Elliott's mom came in and said, "Elliott," and Elliott said, "Mom!" and they hugged, it totally made me cry.

    We sleep with the bathroom nightlight on. That way, when Ben wakes up in the wee hours, as he often does, he can see his way to our room and can quietly creep in without waking us. However, when my husband leaves the door open too far and it casts a shaft of light on the ceiling, I can't stand it. Even though the light's undetectable when my eyes are closed.

  2. OK, I'm totally going to have to blog about our E.T. experience.

    And yes, I should be over the Edmund Fitzgerald song. Really now. I will add that I think "Sundown" is an awesome song, and does NOT make me cry.

  3. I am 100% behind your second item. Pedestrian food when I'm alone is like a blankie, and how I spoil myself when I'm sad.

  4. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Thank YOU! Look at all those cousins.

    I like how I'm almost entirely hidden behind Micah.

    And I think that you edited out some of yourself, there. I'll have to check the original picture.

    Your sister