Sunday, July 29, 2007

Family Fun Night

Until a couple of months ago, I'd seen E.T. once, and that was in the theater when it came out. I went with my friend Sherry, and as we now know, it made me cry. As did "The Last Unicorn." Because I am a huge softie. In any case, I didn't feel the need to see it again. Because it made me cry.

Matt has been saying for some time that he, who liked E.T., thought it would be fun to rent it for the kids. So one night we popped up some corn and watched it.

Maia started crying as soon as E.T. was left behind.

I got all teary when E.T. was found in the culvert, where he looks all sick. I also got teary at any show of tenderness among any two beings in the movie, whether human or alien.

John started crying when E.T. died. "Mom, you didn't tell me he was gonna DIE!" he said, stricken. "You didn't TELL me THAT PART!"

John crying made Maia cry.

My kids crying made me cry.

The three of us cried when E.T. left and Elliot said "I'll be right here."

Then we cried until the movie was over.

Matt was left sitting there wondering what the hell he had to do to have some fun around this place.


  1. Oh, I should not laugh at the crying!
    But then, the Girl insisted we call her "Elliot" for, oh, TWO MONTHS after we watched that movie. And answer minute and detailed questions about E.T. and where he came from and where he went and why he died but didn't die and so forth and so on For. Ever.
    And yeah, she won't let us watch the part where he gets left, she freaks out over it.

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

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  3. Well, alrighty then. I clearly don't deserve immortality.

  4. Isn't that L.Ron Hubbard?
    Can I tell you how much better I'm not the only one with the Eight? Although I think you've got a better (and more lyrical) grip on it than I do.