Friday, June 01, 2007

His Head Is In The Game

John can hardly wait for summer baseball. With me working during the day this summer, we weren't sure it would happen. Juggle a schedule here, finesse some child care there, and it'll work in the end, but it'll take some sacrifices.

I was trying to make that clear to him on the drive to school today. It wasn't the best timing, but it was on my mind. So I blah-blahed for awhile about how he had to put a lot of effort into practice this year, because people were making sacrifices for him.

"Do you know what a sacrifice is?" I said. "Do you understand that?"

"Yeah," he said, very seriously. "A sacrifice is like when you have a guy on third and you're batting, and you bunt, so you get out, but you know you're going to get out, just so the guy on third can score."

1 comment:

  1. That was hilarious. I don't think you'll have trouble getting him to take his practicing seriously this year.