Monday, May 07, 2007

And Oh, How They Danced

John woke us up in the middle of the night the other night. He had heard a scary song on the radio and it freaked him out a little bit, since it was, you know, midnight or so. Matt and I tried to keep our eyes open and figure out what the song was as he described it.

"It was about Stonehenge," John said, hopping on one foot. "It was all about how no one knew how it was built and stuff. And how people danced around it and it was scary."

It's really mean to laugh at your kid right in his face when he's scared. So we didn't. But yes, this is the song he heard on the radio. The one that scared him late at night.


  1. There's a radio station in Duluth or Two Harbors that plays Spinal Tap?

  2. The second you said "Stonehenge"...I knew.

  3. That makes me glad that you knew.

    Oh, and if The Boy wants any pointers about growing his hair long...well, you know where we are.

  4. Also, Kris -- I know! After John went back downstairs, and Matt and I had really woken up, we were like, Uh, the radio?