Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Making It Up

Having a four-year-old means learning a language as you go along. I was putting Maia to bed tonight when she sat up the dark and intoned: "Sometimes I don't have any interest in what I want to say."

Yeah, just a little freaky.

"Oh?" I said. "Um. What do you mean?"


"Do you mean sometimes you feel like what you say isn't interesting?"


I wait. Then:

"And den sometimes I'm talkin' and I feel like I run out of words."

I'm really not quite sure where to go with this, so I sit quietly.

"Sometimes I talk and den I don't want to say anyting anymo."

"Well, that's OK. What's nice about our brains is that if we want words, we can make them up."

Shrug. "Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to make them up."

"How does that make you feel? Sad?"

She shakes her head. Ponders.

I say, "We can always try. Even though I know sometimes we feel things or think them and don't know what to say about them."

A slow nod. "Yah. And when I look at my orange cup when it's nighttime out, it looks maroon. Or, maroonish. Good night, Mama."

Um. OK. Good night.

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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    What great philosophizing. And I love the colour part at the end.

    Enjoying your blog from Toronto,