Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Boy of Summer

John: We saw a film in class today about trees.

Me: Oh?

John: Yeah. It was, uh, about resources. We're learning about resources.

Me: Okay.

John: Yeah. And it showed a part where they turned parts of trees into things.

Me: Oh. Like what?

John (getting agitated): Well, uh, this one part, uh, they showed how they took part of the tree, and then, they took it, and they TURNED IT INTO A BASEBALL BAT.

His eyes are wide open, and hands are out, as if to say, can you even believe it?

Me: Oh! Well, that's one thing you can make out of trees.

John (really rolling now): I KNOW! AND THEN, they showed this next part, THEY SHOWED SOME GUY HITTING A BASEBALL WITH THE BAT.

Me (totally missing the point): Oh. Uh.


Me: Well, that's what you do with baseball bats.

He looks at me, as only an eight-year-old boy can look at his mom.

Me: OH! You were jealous!

John: YES. I like hockey. But I really, really, really, really can't wait until I can hit a ball with a bat again.

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  1. Sharikov6:24 PM

    This goes back to a previous post - has nothing to do with this one. I saw a woman in HyVee with a sweatshirt echoing the sentiment of one of your "googlers" - "Hockey Moms Have All the Right Equipment". So there you have it.