Wednesday, February 14, 2007


From Maia:
"Mama, when I say I want to buy a phone at the grocery store, you don't say no."

* * *
"I figured I was parked behind you because the car that had a sticker that said the Huskers, a bumpersticker that said 'Outsource Bush,' and had a hockey stick in the back."

"That's my hockey stick!"

* * *
From the headlines:
Bernanke remains optimistic
Cheney asks U.S. manufacturers to support free trade
Chrysler to slash 13,000 jobs, close plant

* * *
From spam:
I missile of seedbed.

* * *
Me: Did you say something funny today?
Matt: No, all I did was rant about unions during our romantic lunch.

* * *
John: I don't like the Valentine you gave me. I love it.

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