Sunday, February 11, 2007

Heads Up, Little Black-Haired Girl From Music Class

The kids worked on their valentines today. I bought some pastel card stock and cut out a bunch of hearts, and the kids put stickers on them. John wrote names on his. Maia put all the Hello Kitty puffy stickers on one of hers and announced it was going to her preschool teacher. John put one Muppet sticker on each of the boys' valentines, and one Hello Kitty sticker on each of the girls' valentines.

Except for one. That one got three sparkly hearts artfully placed. John signed his name on it carefully and set it aside. I glanced at it and suggested that he spell her name right because girls like that. And I'm sure she'll like the three sparkly hearts, too.


  1. Awww!

    I'm worried that Clara is going to get suspended for inappropriate conduct, and she's only in grade 1. She tells me that she and her best friend chase two boys around at recess to kiss them.

    Like mother, like daughter, LOL!

  2. Oh, man.
    I think the Boy would have a better chance with the chicks if I could get him to stop eating his boogers.
    Just saying.