Sunday, February 04, 2007

Go Get 'Em

We're trying to teach John how to be aggressive in hockey. It's a little difficult. As we learned with the judo experience, aggression is just not John's thing, which is what you get when you're stuck with Communist peacenik hippie parents.

John's team had a jamboree this weekend up the shore. Yesterday, as the team was suiting up in the locker room, they could hear their opponent in the next room chanting "Beat [John's team]! Beat [John's team]!"

This rattled John and his teammates. They are all young for their team level, and many of them are new to hockey. To be facing a team with a chant was almost too much.

"It's OK, John," Matt said bracingly. "Go out their and show them that it's not talk that matters -- it's action."

John pondered this for awhile and then said, "Wait! I thought it was more important to use your words to solve problems!"

1 comment:

  1. Very funny.

    You know, the hockey agression thing is tricky. When I started playing hockey more aggressively, I had a hard time not translating that into other areas of my life. I had to remind myself not to jostle people out of my way in the halls at work. Here's hoping that John's better at compartmentalization!