Monday, February 05, 2007

Do Come Visit! Everyone Is Welcome.

It was so cold in our bathroom this morning that the shampoo froze.


  1. Sharikov8:25 AM

    You've got shampoo? LUXURY!!!!

  2. Oh, that brings back memories...
    Not good ones, necessarily, just memories.

  3. Damn, my new windows were worth the expense. The bathroom window used to amass an ice crust during frigid weather, and now? The frame parts aren't even cold to the touch. Granted, it's a toasty 13 above, and but yesterday was subzero.

    Thank you for spurring me to notice that my tub isn't cold—I'm grateful for that.

    I am also grateful that the first guy I fell in love with didn't return my feelings, because if he had? And I'd moved to the Fargo area to be with him? And I lived there still? Oy.

  4. Sharikov: Holy shit, I think I just hyperventilated.

    Frog: Yeah, you'll be here. IN AUGUST.

    PK: (PK)

    Orange: What is this 13 above of which you speak?

    Yesterday I blew bubbles outside for the kids. Very cool.

  5. Wait...snot bubbles?

  6. If it's so cold your snot freezes, the upside is your nose doesn't run.