Sunday, February 25, 2007

Billyuns and Billyuns

At one point this weekend, I had the kids to myself for an hour and needed to keep them occupied, not necessarily quietly, in a small room. We sang most of the camp songs I could remember (except for the Ostrich Who Went Yodelling, because once that gets in your head, it's all over). Then we started talking. What's your favorite food? What would be the grossest food? (John: Toenails.) I talked about all the roller coasters I ever knew. I told them about haunted houses. John talked about his favorite ghost stories, and I talked about how I liked ghost stories when I was younger.

We talked and talked, and all of a sudden John said, "Wow. I love how this conversation evolved!" He recounted our train of thought, then said, "It's just like in Cosmos, where you're going along, talking about something or learning about something, and it just changes into the next idea just like that. Just smoothly. I like talking like this."


  1. I would *love* to hear the conversations our kids would have.

  2. I kinda want Ben and your son to get married. Or at least have a play date.