Tuesday, January 02, 2007

S'Novym Godom

Our New Year's was mildly eventful in that tiresome homeowner way: Our hot-water heater has been overheating and overflowing its safety valve, leading to small floods in the laundry room. We thought we'd been getting all the water up, but I discovered on New Year's Eve that some water had been seeping into a closet under the stairs, soaking cardboard boxes of old baby clothes. As I was pulling boxes out of the closet and pulling up the carpet, the washing machine overflowed. It also rained like 17 inches that day. So maybe the drought is over.

It got better that evening, though -- we gave the kids dinner early and set them in front of the TV with a movie, then had a leisurely dinner ourselves of filet mignon, side dishes and red wine for me and whisky for Matt. Perfect.

In other news, I'm still at the paper, but I have a new job. Say hooyah!


  1. Ah, the family Holiday Water Emergency Curse moves along to the next generation. Remember the Labor Day weekend we had to rent a motel room for an hour so we could take showers?

  2. That is so bizarre about the hot water heater. Ours was doing the same thing in the fall and we had to have a valve replaced. Luckily, it didn't do damage. And about two weeks later, our neighbour had the same problem (unfortunately, theirs did damage). Revenge of the hot water heaters? A virus sent by Europeans who think we're hilarious for the big hot water tanks that we use? Hmmmm . . . makes you wonder. Happy New Year!