Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lazy Blogging, And A Link

I don't usually link to other people's posts directly, but I'm doing it now. I also don't usually get into the whole "Vote for that blog!" either, but I'm going to do it now.

Flea of One Good Thing has been nominated for the Koufax Awards in a couple of categories, including best post for Letter to Alex and Chris, Twelve Years in the Future.

Vote for it, or don't. But read it. Trigger warning: It mentions My Lai and sexual violence.


  1. Really? That's news to me! Thanks, Krup!

  2. It wasn't me! I think it was Amp.

  3. Harrumph! Flea didn't mention this when I saw her over the weekend. I see nominations close tonight, so I hope somebody will remind me to go vote once voting opens. And really, while a Koufax would be lovely, I'm waiting for a publisher to chase down Flea and hurl book contracts at her.