Sunday, January 21, 2007


One night last week, as I was putting John to bed, he asked about my new job. I told him there were some big changes, and went over some of them. "The biggest change, of course," I said, "is that I don't work at night anymore, so I can tuck you in at night instead. And one of the hardest changes is that I'm not in the Guild anymore."

And John lost it. His eyes grew huge and flooded with shocked tears. He cried like -- I don't even know, like I'd told him Maia was going to go live somewhere else and wouldn't be back for awhile. That out-of-the-blue. He sobbed while I watched him, taken aback by this display.

When he got ahold of himself, he asked, "Why did you take a day job if it meant leaving the Guild?"

"Well, mostly because I wanted the job. But because I work during the day now, I can see you more."

He shook his head at me while I spoke: no, no, no. And I, who had thought a lot about the decision, felt pretty crappy.

Last night, Matt was out of town. I let the kids sleep in the same room and listened to them giggle and squeal and read out loud to each other while I wasted time on the computer. Then Maia called me in.

"Mama?" she asked. "Why ahn't you union anymo?"

I looked at John. "I told her," he said reproachfully, and a little defiantly.

Jeez! I sat down and talked awhile, and they both cried and cried. This is the world you live in when you have people say things like, "Hey, have you seen my union underwear?" and "Oh, look at those awesome towels! Never mind, they're imported" and so on every day at your house.


  1. My goodness...the seeds you've sown!

    I will really pity you when John and Maia decide to strike, now that you're management. =(

  2. Sharikov11:57 AM

    You need to write a children's book to insightfully and delicately deal with this sort of thing. "Mommy's Now 'The Man'" Subtitle "Lousy Scabs aren't Lousy Anymore".

  3. Man, I hope the proles don't decide to go on strike while you're management. The kids might have a hard time with that.

    Maybe you should beg for a weekend job at a local grocery store just so you can join another union...

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I am such an irresponsible citizen. Your children shame me.

    But I do draw the line at Walmart. I've got to get the Girl this cream for her eczema and the doctor said, "Oh, you can get it at Walmart. They're the only place that carries it."

    I'll be ordering it from the manufacturer online.

    Can you infiltrate the establishment? I would think that would be a worthy sacrifice, wouldn't it?

    P.S. Damned Blogger.

  5. funnie8:31 AM

    "Lousy Scabs aren't Lousy Anymore"

    Sung to the tune of You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore.

    BIG congrats on the job. Don't let the little people get you down. They believe in the power of the average worker because they're afraid of success. Never mind. Cash efficiently insulates us from the pain of losing their cameraderie and comradery. Chortle, chortle. Cuban?


    Seriously, I'm thrilled for you.

    BTW, I saw Sonic Youth about 5 years or so ago (past their heyday, in other words) and they reeeeeeeally sounded like crap. So maybe the casino thing is less about your age and more about their talent.

  6. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Over here, management have unions too. (Except for the really really big managements, but unless they made you ceo that's fine.) So, maybe you should start a management union!
    Catarina - the Swede